About me


My name is Bernd Markgraf. I am a proud dad of two. In a former life I studied something ‘with computers’ and work in a hospital. Beside the daily routine I rejoice myself and my surroundings with my cooking. I also have a passion for photography which I will devote more time to.

Thanks to our kids sporting some atopic eczema I had to take a closer look at nutrition and food related health issues. While looking for something that makes sense I stumbled over paleo and primal diets. For nearly a year we practise this life style with pretty good success.

The little ones have been free of their eczema ever since even without medication. Personally I lost about 20kg (that’s 44lbs if you live in a non-metrical world ;-)) and now I don’t drop dead when I have walk more than the car is long any more. My lady also almost completely let go of her skin problems.

The knowlegde I gather as we progress will be documented here so others can profit as well.


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