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Sekonic L-758D Light Meter – first impression

I finally decided to get a new light meter. After nearly ten years with a Gossen Digisix the time had come to step up to a meter that would also do flash. This will only be the first impressions I gathered so far. I actually ordered a L-758DR but the shop managed to deliver only the L-758D and will now send me the optional RT module. I can live with that as it saves me from returning the meter in exchange for the DR version.

Sekonic L-758D

As expected it came nicely packaged with a pouch, a battery, manuals, the software and a strap. Compared to the little Gossen „egg“ it is quite a big piece of gear. But it’s light-weight and feels nicely in the hand. All possible modes, settings and functions may seems quite overwhelming at first glance but the manual is well written and the meter is easy to use. The basic metering is easily possible without reading the manual… Weiterlesen

Studio Lighting Essentials review

I recently won a copy of Marc Wallace Studio Lighting Essentials DVD set in a photo contest. I am really impressed by the DVD so I wanted to share my thoughts on it. Especially since I recently came across a discussion questioning the price of this DVD set.

I usually don’t read many instruction books or watch teaching videos. I’m more of a try-out-yourself guy. But that DVD and Marcs teaching has the potential to change that. I am really impressed by it. Since then I’ve watched a number of other videos by Marc and I must say he is an awesome teacher. Even the things I already knew get explained in a way that makes me think „wow you can explain it that simple?!“ Especially light setups are pretty new for me. So far I mainly used available light or a single flash and just started to explore the magic of modifying light to my needs. So the DVD came just at the right time. Weiterlesen